A word of advice to prospective engineering students

A word of advice to prospective engineering students…

These days I am often noticing large hoarding all along roads - from engineering colleges boasting about their placements. Often they talk about 40-50 LPA salaries. The same is repeated in newspaper ads.

Two points you should know.

First these claims are unaudited. It is whatever they tell and you believe.

Second, there is much hidden in that word CTC. It may include, fixed, variable salaries, bonuses you get after completing a year, stock options etc etc.

These same colleges who claim astronomical salaries, often pay peanuts to their own teachers.

Do not be goofed up these claims. In order to select a college, see their faculties. How many are PhDs. What is their work. Visit the campus, see the labs. Talk to the alumni. Do your homework!