ABO isoantibodies are of which class

ABO isoantibodies are of which class
a) IgG
b) IgM
c) IgD
d) IgA
Correct Answer - B
Ans. is ‘b’ i.e., IgM
The ABO antigens represent carbohydrate moeties present on
Invidual naturally develop antibodies (called isoantibodies), usually
of IgM isotype, specific for ABO antigens that do not express.
If the individual receives a transfusion of blood that contains
incompatible ABO antigens, isoantibodies will cause agglutination of
donor cells.
This process is called as isohemagglutination, the antigens are
called isohemagglutinins.
Aslo remember
Anti-Rh antibodies are of IgG class