Accepted that..there is no diploma conversion for medicine and surgery

Accepted that…there is no diploma conversion for medicine and surgery bt branches like pedia and og…many dch and dgo get converted…hence can we expect positive shift in dnb peds and dnb obgy…as no of seats have not changed…or may new seats might add…
Pls guide
Thanks in advance…

Acutely during conversation process around 150 seats are lost

These are denotified right ??
Means 150 diploma are still there ?? No reduction in total seats?? Plz correct if i m wrong.

Because there is no diploma in medicine and surgery.

Some positive change can definitely happen as due to increase in paeds derma radio seats those who where earlier in borderline who would have taken medicine in Pvt may now take peade derma gyn obg in govt as money also matters…it won’t be a magnanimous shift but there will be a shift nonetheless