Accepting Neetpg 21 may > neetpg pospone

Accepting Neetpg 21 may > neetpg pospone because

If pospone news if proved to be false fabricated, one day… I , u , no human being wound bear the pain of that news…it’s always safer to accept blindly that exam is on May 21 2022…and study…

Why frequently postponed?

because of the simple fact thqt there has to be a gap of 6-8 weeks in counselling of 2021and the next neet pg 2022exam, which is not there as still mopup is going on and stray round is still waiting. Secondly, the inleigible interns who are not eligible for the exam. I don’t understand why is it so hard to digest for u madam.

I don’t want it be postponed… Bt I m getting vibes that it’s gonna be postponed…

If u hv written last neet, u might have seen that an email was sent to everyone sm 1-2 month before xm, cnfrming their test City (not test centre)… No email like that came yet…

Can’t focus only stressed

Even INICET going to be useless

Haven’t been studying due to so much anxiety