ACL reconstruct in 2016 with hamstring

ACL reconstruct in 2016 with hamstring. Finished PT without restrictions that September except to wear a brace when skiing. April 2018 I had a meniscus tear. My original surgeon said “bad luck.” I got a second opinion (Surgeon 2)in May 2018 and was told my ACL graft has failed. It’s too loose. The solution? A reconstruct with cadaver. I said over my dead body. I had the meniscus trimmed July 2018.

October 2019: I see Surgeon 2 again who has not changed his assessment. ACL is still too loose, hence my ongoing knee pain. He is adamant I have another reconstruction. He orders an MRI to visualize the knee.


  1. Thinned but intact ACL graft (compared to previous study);
  2. Changes of partial medial meniscectomy. No evidence of new meniscal tear.
  3. Small joint effusion. No evidence of loose body.
  4. Low-grade chondromalacia in the medial and patellofemoral compartments.

I cannot see my surgeon until December 4. I’m not clear how this warrants a new ACL and 8 months of my life. My PT said the thinning is to be expected with time. Overall, she said that the MRI is normal, but since it cannot measure laxity, that’s what we have to use to gauge candidacy for surgery.

The knee is obviously fucked, but a new ACL? I think there’s a problem, but I’m not sure that’s it.