Actually I have a Question

Actually I have a Question

Actually my little brother is in 12th And he is preparing for NEET!

But due to sudden demise of some of his Family members he is in Depression!

And he used to score atleast 80-90% in college exams and all!

So we are highly tensed about his low performance in NEET this year due to depression and all!

So my Question is If my brother gets 510 + marks in NEET

Can his admission be done in Government Medical college By reference??

He lives in Pune, Maharashtra and he has reference of Head of Pune Municipal Corporation.

Also he has Reference of Ex-CM of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis,

So can his admission be done?

If he belongs to special category then admission can be done otherwise no marks less Than 600 will secure government seat this year and no sources will work out in admission in government colleges

Please stop misusing power and taking away opportunities from the deserving.

Some are preparing from last 1-2 years plus working part time.

Some are preparing and still dependent financially on their parents.

Some are preparing in hopes of changing the conditions of them and their families.

What do you think? If people like you just like that use that power what will happen to the real deserving ones? Won’t they get into depression?

Neet ug is held so that they can screen the smartest and the ones who can work hard and assign them the hospitals where they’ll serve people and become excellent doctors

Your brother is depressed (first of all I’m so sure this is you only ) so will his depression go away by snatching an innocent hardworking doctors seat?

If you snatch away a deserving candidates seat, paying some lakhs,

I can assure u one thing, that seat will give you nothing in return, not even a good doctor.