After almost 5 days of declaration of NEET PG

Now, after almost 5 days of declaration of NEET PG 2019 result. Some of you guys are feeling elated after having achieved the ‘TARGET RANK’ for your ‘DREAM BRANCH’ while some of you are ‘NOT SO HAPPY’.
Many of you are even doubting their abilities.
BUT, You should not forget the amount of competition. According to the statistics released by NBE, approximately 1,48,000 students filled the application form for NEET PG 2019 of which approximately 1,43,000 appeared.
Let me tell you that its not the END. You have more exams to come. There are students who got ranks like 75000 and so in last year and this time, got within top 1000. All i intend to say is that its RAW HARDWORK which is required. I understand if you would say that you worked hard this time as well but couldn’t get a rank. This is a race which tests you in all ways… physically, mentally and socially. You will have to push yourself beyond the limits. This is a race where you don’t have to score the ‘MINIMUM’ marks to pass but you actually need to score marks which is more than ‘YOUR OPPONENT’ sitting in the exam. If he is working hard 8 hours a day, you gotta work 12 hours a day. If he is working hard 10 hours a day, you gotta work 14 hours a day. This is how it goes around. This is the ‘REAL COMPETITION’ . For every single second that you loose now thinking about the present NEET PG result( and simultaneously feeling bad for it), trust me, your OPPONENTS are taking the lead. So lets just get over this result & aim for MID YEAR EXAMS.
Lets show everyone that its not easy to defeat YOU…!!!