After death, blood is taken from?

After death, blood is taken from ?
a) Femoral vein
b) Antecubital vein
c) Jugular vein
d) Carotid artery
Correct Answer - A
Ans. is ‘a’ i.e. Femoral vein [Ref Forensic Neuropathology p.174]
“Ideally, the blood should be collected from femoral vein distal to
clamp or ligature and without milking the calf or thigh” - Forensic
Neuropathology p.174
“Femoral vein blood sample is preferred over a heart blood sample”

  • Water-Related Death Investigation p. 269
    Blood for the sample is taken from femoral vein. The jugular or
    subclavian veins can also be used. 10-20 ml of blood is taken and it
    is taken before autopsy. 30 ml of blood should be preserved
    (minimum is 10 ml).