After one comment on DNB papthology that day

Good morning every1. After one comment on DNB papthology that day, I have receieved around 200 personal messages in my inbox. Inspite of hectic duty I am trying to get into touch with all of you as much as possible. But as it is practically impossible to adress every single message, I have decided to post here for every1 who needs it.
I am doing DNB pathology from Apollo gleneagles hospital, kolkata. And at this very moment I am so greatful to almighty that one year ago I could take a perfect decision. My rank was around 22k. I am happy because I was waiting for this seat since my 2nd mbbs prof. And it is as good as I dreamed of if not better! As I am not any expart in this regard I am just sharing the informations I have gathered from my seniors and mentors one year ago before my counselling.

many of you have asked whether with your specific rank you will get your desired branch or not. See I am just one year senior to you. In no way, any counselling specialist! I just can suggest please go through the previous year’s allotment list. You will find it in net and you will have some rough idea. But remember counselling is very unpredictable. In 2017 DNB patho went upto 41k but previous year it ended within 23k! So mid rankers please try to continue your preparation for mid year exams. If you are within 30k this yr neet it is highly possible you will secure very good rank in mid term exams!

some have asked about DNB. The fact is that DNB is in all aspect equivalent to MD. If you are doing it from more than 500 beded hospital or teaching institutions you will not have to do any extra year SR ship for applying for AP post of govt medical colleges. Fee was 80k (including 10k for accomodation) per annum in 2018. Stpend is given as per your state stipend normally. If it is central institution you will get central stipend. For subject like pathology as recent advancement is very crucial I alwys put DNB from good institution 1st than MD from periphery. All superspecility or fellowship options which are available after MD, are also available after DNB. plus you will not have to serve any bond after completing your degree!

But there are some cons also!
1)Most importantly you have to pass by your own. You will have outside examination center. practical will be held even out of the state. So you need real hardwork to pass in one chance.
2) institutions matter a lot in DNB. please research throughly before taking admission. Those who are interested in surgical branch please enquire about hands on from pgts there. For pathology ask for infrastructure, case load, academics and pass rate. In general where pass rate in good, quality of learning ia also good there! Dn’t get trapped for good stipend or hometown etc!
3) you will not have the title MD with you! DNB is still not very known to common people.
4) Inspite of official equivalence you may face difficulty in getting AP ship in govt medical college. Normally those who do DNB are not very much fond of getting in govt sector.

Some of you have asked about good DNB institutions in different subjects. I am very sorry as I dnt have any idea about any subject other than pathology. From the very beginning I was commited to pink and purple world. For good DNB pathogy institutions I will try to put the list which I have made before my counseling after a tedious research work. But it will take time.

Whether to take pathology or not for that confusion I will sugges you please talk to deeksha mam or ranjith sir of DAMS if possible. They are very good mentors they helped me a lot. Only thing I can say you from my 6 months experience is that please dnt take a subject only because your rank is allowing you to take it. Dnt come to pathology if you dream yourself with stetho or forceps or OT gown. When I am saying I am feeling myself the most lucky pgt at this moment, my co-pgt left the same seat only after 2 months of residency. Please dn’t take anesthesia if you are surgeon by your dream. according to my friend it seems ke “your boyfriend is romancing with another girl and you have to watch that!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:” key word is please take the stream you like by your heart. Take informed decision. Doesnt matter how many attempts it take!

hope I have answered all your questions. Kuch baki hain to please ask in comments. All the best. :innocent: