After PG in Surgery which superspeciality branch has great future scope?

After PG in Surgery which superspeciality branch has great future scope? Everyone demotivates a female to become a surgeon in our society . 😐

N.B :Foreigners can appear in NEET PG. So don’t think why i am in this group

Sabme scope hai… Urology, plastic surgery,ctvs etc…

Aur society to tujhe roti aur bartan K liye hi motivate karegi…those snooty aunties and dadis… Ekdin demotivate Kar k shaadi Kara denge… Aur Bas…sab swaaha…

Oonki mat Soon…

Ladkiya b surgery leti hai aur acha karti hai…

i have seen you motivating people here many of times…not seen you putting negative comments so far …good job keep doing so

Pehle rank karo and GS uthao…General surgeon bano…phir super speciality ka sochna beta…

Sirf GS hoke bhi tum bahat name fame kar sakte ho…

Mein Apne unit ka rmo AP sab ko dekha…bhayanak practice hai.

Rahi baat ladki ki…

Koi fikaar nehi…

My two copgts are female and believe me they have good surgical skill even better than me👍

So don’t listen to the society always listen to your mind beta

Btw you are from Bangladesh…what are you doing in this indian Neet pg group discussion??

I am staying in India. And foreigners are allowed to give NEET PG

I usually refrain myself from commenting to such nonsense.

But seriously do you people really live in the moment ? I mean there is Swara Bhaskar running to court to file cases of defamation by men.

The whole wide world is getting intolerant to crap like these and we see the same backward mentality flaoting around in apparently “the most auspicious field”

My environment is supportive to study but they have same knowledge as everyone keeps in mind about surgery for girls. That’s why I wanted to know about different path. I love surgery

  1. surgery doesnt belong to any gender

Infact no branch in medicine belongs to any particular gender.

Because all clinical branches of medicine needs logicial side of men and creative side of women. Its not a profession which is soley depend on one aspect

1)future scope. Well first enter residency and see which one you like

And if you are tallented ull find fame & income even in “not so top branch”. Because ultimatley humans will have disease in that branch and they will need a doctor

If you are not tallented even if you score rank 1 in aiims entrance and get GI SURGERY/ Onco

You will still endup us a waste.

Everyone will demotivate you… you have to be strong headed and shut their mouths, logo ka kaam hai bolna and ladkiyon ka kaam hai ab kaam karke dikhakar unko chup karana… let your work speak on your behalf