After sending the patient at home can we order lab tests

In CCS case:

  1. after sending the patient at home can we order lab tests, imaging studies, procedures, interval history?

  2. I am confused what all things I can oder and cannot order when patient is at home.

  3. in one office case i order few lab tests and then i sent the patient at home and scheduled him the next day of all lab test result ( shecduled him to come on 4th day) but on 3rd day patient’s condition got little worse not much so in this scenario can we bring patient directly to ward from home OR home to emergency room OR let Patient come on his scheduled appointment?
    1- yes you can place labs and Imaging when the pt is at home
    2- labs and imaging, what do you want to order more?
    3- It sounds like you should not have sent the pt home in that case. If you send pt home and then they send you a massage that the pt is not doing well this means that you missed something bring him back! . I recommend to keep the pt in the office for one or two hours, by that time you will get some critical results that help you to decide if it is safe to send him home