Again it is that time of the year when the number of students

Again it is that time of the year when the number of students who might be feeling cheerful with their shoulders high are relatively very few as compared to the ones who might be thinking that there is impending doom and some sort of apocalypse has been thrown upon them. As a matter of the fact, it’s always been the case. First of all,heartiest congratulations to the ones who got through and are satisfied with their rank.
Now,the main point, being a mediocre student myself who did get my desired branch in second attempt, i could actually relate to what many of you might be feeling. Let me discuss few practical aspects:

For the freshers,of course you would want to give another try. The main dilemma is for the repeaters. In my opinion (you may beg to differ),if it was your 2nd or 3rd attempt, ask yourself, is another year spending toward your ultimate dream is that much difficult a choice? (For some it might be)
If not,then believe me,everyone is having their own timeline. 10 years down the line no one is going to ask whether you got your pg in 1st or 5th attempt, so unless really compelling, another try is always worthy.
Now another question is,whether you should start working or sit down for the whole year just studying? Again, in my opinion, even if you are financially strong, you should join some place to work at least for initial 3-4 months. Advantages are many- Becoming financially independent itself is morale boosting. Secondly, it would break the monotony of just studying which you all must have been doing since a while now. Last but not the least, having some clinical exposure is always beneficial as a clinician in any way, more so after considering the level of this year’s exam

In the end,like many mentors and colleagues have already pointed out here,this is definitely not the end of everything, just a phase. Don’t forget your loved ones,either your family, friends or anyone on whom you’d rely on. They are the real gems who’d hold you tightly in this difficult period.

Best wishes once again for everyone!

Dr Manoj Malhotra
MBBS (MAMC) MD pediatrics (LHMC)