AIIMS May 2010 Psychiatry Mcqs

  1. Naltrexone is used in opioid dependence to
    a) Prevent respiratory depression
    b) Treat withdrawl symptoms
    c) Prevent relapse
    d) Detoxification of opioid overdose

  2. Drug of choice in OCD
    a) Fluoxetine
    b) Imipramine
    c) Alprazolam
    d) Chlorpromazine

  3. 3 yr old girl has delayed devolpmental milestone, delayed speech, difficulty in concentrating on studies, plays with herself & does not make friends. Diagnosis is
    a) Autism
    b) ADHD
    c) Specific learning disorder
    d) Mental retardation

  4. Most common substance abuse in India
    a) Tobacco
    b) Cannabis
    c) Alcohol
    d) Opium

  5. A young lady presents with repeated episodes of excessive eating followed by purging by use of laxatives. What is the diagnosis?
    a) Binge eating
    b) Bulimia nervosa
    c) Schizophrenia
    d) Anorexia nervosa