AIIMS November 2010 Mcqs - part 1

  1. Which of the following attains adult size before birth?
    a. Ear Ossicles
    b. Maxilla
    c. Mastoid
    d. Parietal bone

    1. Spanish WINDLASS technique is a form of which type of execution?
      a. garrotting
      b. mugging
      c. bansdola
      d. hanging
  2. A teen age girl with moderate acne also complaining of irregular menses. Drug of choice will be?
    a. Oral isotretinoin
    b. Oral acitretin
    c. Oral minocycline
    d. Cyproterone acetate

  3. A woman has consumed several tabs of Amitryptiline. All of the following can be used as a part of her management except
    a. Sodium bicarbonate infusion
    b. Gastric lavage
    c. Use Atropine as an antidote
    d. Diazepam for seizure control

  4. Frontal Sinus can be best visualised by :
    a. Caldwell’s view
    b. Water’s view
    c. Towne’s view
    d. Schuller’s view