AIIMS November 2011- Repeats from AIPGE 2007

AIIMS November 2011- Repeats from AIPGE 2007

Ref: Mudit Khanna AIPGME - 2007


  1. All of the following are true regarding oxygenases except:

a. Incorporate 2 atoms of oxygen.
b. Incorporate 1 atom of oxygen.
c. Required for hydroxylation of steroids.
d. Required for carboxylation of drugs.

  1. CAP in LAC operon is an example of:

a. Positive regulator
b. Negative regulator
c. Constitutive expression
d. Attenuation.


  1. True about Octreotide are all except:

a. Is active orally.
b. Supresses growth hormone secretion
c. Useful for variceal bleeding
d. Useful in secretory diarrhea.


  1. The following are components of Brown Sequard syndrome except:

a. Ipsilateral extensor plantar response.
b. Ipsilateral pyramidal tract involvement.
c. Contralateral spinothalamic tract involvement.
d. Contralateral posterior column involvement.

  1. Which of the following is the classical CSF finding seen in TBM?

a. Increased protein, decreased sugar, increased lymphoctes.
b. Increased protein, sugar and lymphocytes.
c. Decreased protein, increased sugar and lymphocytes.
d. Increased sugar, protein and neutrophils.


  1. Which is not a deep heat therapy?

a. Short wave diathermy
b. Infrared therapy
c. Ultrasound therapy
d. Interferential therapy.

  1. Which is not a marker of new bone formation?

a. Alkaline phosphatase.
b. Osteocalcin
c. Urine Hydroxy proline
d. Pro collagen

  1. Which of these muscles undergo wasting first in osteoarthritis knee?

a. Quadriceps only
b. Hamstrings only
c. Both quadriceps and hamstrings
d. Gastronemius.