Alhamdulilah I passed the MRCP PART 1 exam in August 2021 with 652 mashallah

Alhamdulilah I passed the MRCP PART 1 exam in August 2021 with 652 mashallah. I would like to write just briefly about my experience as this group helped me and therefore I would like to give something back and I hope you will too in the future inshallah.

I’ve seen a lot of people say that they either studied from passmedicine only or it was their only study resource with pastest being a secondary resource and if they had not done passmedicine, they don’t think they would have passed. I also had questions about which was best before I started my revision for Part 1 (which should be at least a solid 4 months of heavyy revision or 5 really good months of revision) but after a lot of research, my seniors who all took the exam and passed recommended only pastest.

I am here to 100% recommend pastest as the only resource for part 1 and passmedicine in my opinion is not needed. Good if it worked for you but I am just saying it wasn’t necessary as you can see from my result. I looked at a few questions from passmedicine offline and found them to be too easy and therefore felt they were not worth my time, again, only my and my seniors’ opinion.

Do pastest really well at least twice and make sure you write one liner notes so you can just review that a few days before the exam as you obviously have no time to look at all the questions again.

Also PLEASEE do the past papers as a lot of the real exam may have similar questions/concepts. I’m not sure if I would have passed if I had not done them.

Also please please do the sample paper. I wasn’t sure if I had the time to do it or not and ended up doing it at 10pm before the exam day (I know!) But I was SO glad I did as at least 4 extremely similar questions came up on the real exam and this could be the difference between a pass and fail for some people.

Regarding books, I looked at khaled almaghraby notes only if I didn’t understand something from Pastest but no heavy studying from it.

Lastly, make sure you pray, make lots of duaa and take breaks and just relax. You’ll be fine inshallah. Good luck guys and pray for me to pass my part 2.