Alhumdullilah 249! I just want to tell u one thing guys

Alhumdullilah 249! I just want to tell u one thing guys. This exam is easy if u prepare right way! UW is the game. do it atleast twice. If u know UW well ul easily get 240+. Thankyou to this group specially Katherine Htun . your notes helped me a lot. Regarding my way of prep. wasted 2 months on Kaplan books, DIDNT TOUCH MTB2 FOR IM . Thn started UW and did it twice for 2 months. took the exam coz of deadline 28th july. UW first time random : 77% , UWSA 7 days before : 259. Nbme 7 off line : 35 wrong correspond to 235, In summary, stick to UW. everything else is secondary.

My prep : I started with Kaplan notes. did them once took me 55 days. thn i did IM and paeds again took me 25 days , Thn my friend Ghulam Murtaza asked me to take uw for 3 months . It was the best decision. I started doing it to see where i stand I was surprised i was getting scores in 80s, That motivated me and i decided not to read books bcoz they were not helping me , sticked to UW thn. did mtb 3 for gynobs, paeds and psych. I took 42 days to complete UW once random timed 77 %. ECFMG announced deadline 28th july , i had 19 days till my target date. I was confused whether to read mtb 2 for im and mtb 3 for others OR UW only. … I made the decision to stick to UW , did uwsa 259 7 days before that date and Guys on exam day i thought it was a very gud decision.

UW is the key, on exam day, i was competing with time and had to sacrifice Abstract and add qs. did few stupid mistakes coz of time shortage.