All India Stray Round allotment

All India Stray Round allotment - Preventing Lapse of Seats (For candidates eligible for Stray round)

Stray would be through allotment processing based on already filled choices. After mop up round, there would be many candidates who would have settled down with seats in state mop up rounds (At least 10 state mop ups, most of them bigger states are expected to be completed before stray round, and many have already been published after ai mop up completion. Most wont resign due to higher penalties, better seats possibly than what they can get in stray ). Candidates who have joined the state mop up seat are not eligible for stray round, and many themselves would wish to OPTOUT of stray to at least get the security deposit back.

As of now there does not seem to be any such option

An option to opt out (or processing choices only for those who login and consent) serves 3 purposes

  1. Prevents seat lapse by not allotting seats to already JOINED candidates in state mop up rounds

  2. Those candidates who are waiting for stray get better seats (instead of allotting seats to already joined candidates in state mop up or those who do not wish to participate in stray as they are looking at NEET PG 2022)

  3. Security deposit refund for such candidates excluded in 2)

“MCC will for sure do it” - NO, this is not assured. There is no login required as of now and it is automatic seat processing with results on 29th april. This consent requirement was not there for NEET UG and resulted in so many vacant MBBS seats which lapsed (and had to be taken up again for special extended round through court cases)

If you are eligible and waiting for stray, or wish to opt out of stray please call / mail MCC to provide this option. Else this may result in good number of seats lapsing. You will see that stray vacancies will be a considerable number of seats (will be shared) and no point in taking this up after stray allotments are processed.

Note: A simple option of consent requirement to process choices would be good. We had got this last year for DNB when an exactly similar issue existed. Many candidates themselves wish to opt out so that they are not allotted in Stray. This is a process issue - not a blocking issue - has more to do with no option to exit even if one wishes to.