All tests are used for infanticide

All tests are used for infanticide except ?
a) Ploucquet test
b) Fodere’s test
c) Gettler’s test
d) Raygat’s test
Correct Answer - C
Ans. is ‘c’ i.e., Gettler’s test
Tests used in infanticide (for respiration)
Ploucquet’s test : Weight of lung is measured in relation to body
wieght. Before birth weight of lung is 1/70 of body weight and after
respiration it becomes 1/35 of body weight due to increased blood
flow in lung beds.
Static test or Fodere’s test : The average weight ofboth lungs before
respiration is 30-40 gm and after respiration is 60-70 cm.
Hydrostatic test (Raygat’s test, I" life test) : The specific gravity of a
non-respired lung is 1040-1050 and of a respired lung is 940-950,
so, after respiration lung floats on water (specific gravity of water is
1000). False positive hydrostatic test may occur (i.e.non-respired
lung may float) in decomposition and in attempted artificial
respiration. False negative hydrostatic test (i.e. respired lung may
sink down) may occur in atelectasis, pulmonary oedema,
bronchopneumonia, and congenital syphylis.
Breslau’s second life test : It assumes that a live born child would
respire and therefore, would also swallow some air into the stomach
and bowel. Hence they float on water. This test is falsely positive in
putrefaction (due to putrefied gases) or in cases of attempted
artificial respiration.
Werdin’s test : Before birth middle ear contains gelatinous embryonic
tissue which is replaced by air after respiration