All The doctors invariably are demotivated than desaturated

All The doctors invariably are demotivated than desaturated
Anxiety is more among doctors than nurses
Emotional quotient is low among doctors than nurses since they feel they are victimised
Unacceptable Fear of Succumbing to disease is more than Will to survive and Live
All of their years of accumulated medical knowledge does not make them either invincible or confident
Once these doctors succumb to disease they feel defeated since they are reduced to a layman and this depresses them
Once they become a patient they realise that their resources are scanty and they are neither rich nor VIPs
They realise that they have been made scape goats due to their call of duty and society has no gratitude
This hurts them a lot
They feel let down and abandoned by the world for no fault of Their own
Society prays for Amitabh and SPB but never for any of the 192 doctors who died for Indian Covid patients
The higher officials has never visited any hospital or interacted with doctors or bothered not even as.much as an army jawan who dies in service
They are caught between foolishness to work and smartness to avoid
but in the end they opt to avoid cowardice tag to become either sacrificial goats or plain lucky .
Let us support and motivate doctors and nurses