All the features of membranous urethral injury except

All the features of membranous urethral
injury except
a) blood of meatus
b) Retention of urine
c) Pelvic fracture
d) Perineal butterfly hematoma
Correct Answer - D
Ans. is ‘d’

  1. Urethral rupture is also of two types:
    a. Bulbar urethral injury - MC
    b. Membranous urethral injury
  2. Extravasation of urine (+ blood ) in bulbar urethral injury
    a. It is a superficial extravasation.
    b. If the Buck’s fascia remains intact, extravasation of blood and
    urine are confined to the penile shaft. However disruption of Buck’s
    fascia allows extravasated contents into a space limited by colle’s
    fascia forms a scrotal and perineal butterfly hematoma which can
    extend up the abdominal wall.
  3. Extravasation of urine in Membranous urethral injury &
    Extraperitoneal bladder rupture.
    a. Extravasation is same in both
    b. It is a deep extravasation
    c. Urine extrvasates in the layers of the pelvic fascia and the
    retroperitoneal tissues
    d. Urine collects in the perivesical space.
    e. The typical finding on cystogram is extravasation of contrast
    material into the pelvis around the base of the bladder.