All the medical colleges in India and DNB people are working on half of strength

All media friends must take up the issue & understand that our resident doctors are very frustated because of this delay. All the medical colleges in India and DNB people are working on half of strength.
As final year PGs will be undergoing exit exams in less than 6 months and no entry of first year PGs it is becoming more and more difficult to work.
The alredy overburdened Resident Doctors are feeling the wrath of policy failures and is telling the story of delayed legal justice in our country.
In such emeregency situation a fast track judgmenent is needed & we plead to the court that 24th november be the judgement day and admission process of 2021 batch is finished by 31st December 2021.
FAIMA doctors Association respects the legal system of India and is truely indebted towards it , however we will not be able to tolerate any further delay than 23rd november.
its shamefull that earlier date and earlier time (as 2 pm is late time of hearing) was not given. Henceforth, we will raise this issue and write to the Honorable Prime Minister & Health Minister of the Republic of India to take fast track action on this matter.

only one day of meaningful discussions happened after the case was filled.please ask our counsel to highlight the manpower situation of the hospitals. That will be a strong point to expedite the case. If in any case 2022 neet pg happens before 2021 counselling ends Situation will be grave for mid rankers as even ppl with 1k rank will give another try

sir that was highlighted in yesterday’s mentioning by senior advocate Dattar sir so as to explain the need for interim relief.

Upon which the honorable Justice DYC said “yes,yes”

File an IA for stay on new reservation policy to expedite the NEET PG 2021 counselling

Sorry the current reservation system is unacceptable

If new reservation is not removed no counselling will be there… Plzz empasise on that point…if needed we will fight for another 6 months

keep fighting for neet pg 22. Meanwhile rest can join

but with current reservation policy no UR will get their desired seat

may Supreme Court realize that the case is one of immense gravity. And in case they need more time to give a final verdict, may they give an interim order. To get the counselling done. Following the reservation policy which honble SC feels maintains status quo

Can’t JRs become a party to the case as they are affected very much and let court know their grievances? I think everyone should join force to highlight the gravity of the situation… court should know in case suddenly COVID wave comes like Europe Indian hospitals will face huge challenge due to the delay