Alpha and beta thalassemia major and minor?

What are the levels of HbF, HbA, HbA2 in alpha and beta thalassemia major and minor?

Alpha thalassemia minor has normal HbF and HbA2 levels in electrophoresis. Remember whenever B chain is defective, alpha binds to Gamma and Delta giving HbF and HbA2 respectively, seen in Beta thalassemia. In alpha thalassemia, Beta chains are fine. Thus, no increase in HbF or HbA2.

In addition, due to alpha chain defect, all HbA, HbA2, HbF (all have alpha chain ), decrease proportionately, thus a normal electrophoresis in alpha thalassemia minor

Alpha thalassemia has normal HbA2 level plus it is less common so why do you want to think of something which is less common. Beta Thal trait is any day more common and this history is classical for that so that’s answer.