Am from batch 2015, so on this 21st May I will be writing NEET EXAM second time

Am from batch 2015, so on this 21st May I will be writing NEET EXAM second time.

Was I sitting idle at home, NO soon after my internship completion in march 2021, I joined as a MO and today I completed my state’s compulsory 1 year bond service!

I never wanted to ask my parents to spend their money for breaking this rural service bond. I feel like they made me what I am today, graduated me, now asking them to pay the bond will be too much too ask for.

Last year when the exam was conducted almost after 9 months (jan to sep) I became too harsh on myself asking questions to self like, if you can’t crack this now even after so much delay you can never and used to curse myself for my decision of opting for the bond soon after internship, because I used to get very less time for studying with job, plus very toxic BMO and staff.

Result. I failed in it 😞

Now this attempt, I couldn’t prepare much WHY?

Because, juggling between job and books was not easy and secondly I have GAD generalised anxiety disorder and lately I wasn’t keeping well with myself, my mental health.

Again the same thing the paper got postponed for next 2 months, you have to do this time

From next year their might be NEXT examination.

Why are you wasting your money by filling forms when you are not upto studying?

If you fail this time, it will be 2 drops.

Your batchmate will be completing their PG when you will be enrolling!

And soooo much of thoughts like that 😔😔

Alas, there is INICET day after tomorrow, I will be simply going just for the sake because I have filled the form.

But today I want to sleep, sleep peacefully because tomorrow I dont have to go to work!!!

I can stay all day long in my bed!!!

Even I m going through the same race here

My bond will finish on June 30 as they introduced bond very lately in our state.

Just keep studying n one day will be ours.

Palak you are a big hero. You served the nation by doing MO shop.

Post graduation is not that big to make a doctor feel small on not being able to procure it. Try for it but stay happy always.

No matter what, you will always earn enough to lead a self -respectful life and a proud child of your parents.

Soon, in next few years the fields of GP and family medicine will be least saturated and popular once again.

Good luck 🙂