An individual has the maximun number of oocytes

B and as age progresses some eggs r turned into matured one while some destroyed ( bcz multiple immatured egg undergoes process of oogenesis in single process… And only 1 turned into matured one ) and at puberty only 40,000 eggs remained at puberty

EBV is associated with which type of cancer?
A. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
B. Epidermodysplasia
C. Kaposi sarcoma
D. None

Ans A

Surfactant is produced by
A. Alveolar macrophages
B. Lymphocytes in the alveoli
C. Type I alveolar cells
D. Type II alveolar cells

Ans D

Drug used for detoxification in chronic alcoholism are all except ?
B. Flumazenil

Ans C