As an avid cricket fan ,I was stunned to see the beauty of this caricature floating on social media and whatsapp groups. However far from the harsh realities and difficult circumstances it is trying to convey, a pure cricketing analysis of this image conveys optimism

There are 6 close in fielders around the bat which means only 3 outside. Plenty of open spaces to score runs especially a boundary and no fear of being caught on the boundary if trying to hit a 6. The moment the batsman starts scoring, the close in fielders will disappear back to their original position

In other words, continue to remain positive , continue to work hard and don’t lose sight of your targets and goals in life because of short term obstacles which will disappear.

With every crisis comes an opportunity. Having close in fielders like this , innovative shots like scoop, switch hit, reverse sweep, ramp shot can be played to score more runs . Similarly companies, individuals ,governments need to innovate in these times to overcome obstacles and progress

As seen in the pic, COVID 19 is a left arm bowler and it is difficult for a left arm bowler to hit the stumps from over the wicket if batsman covers the stumps. Similarly he is protected from a bouncer by helmet. Also if he doesn’t take unnecessary singles with risky running between the wickets, there wont be a run out. Stay Safe against COVID by wearing a mask at all times. More importantly do not take unnecessary risks by going out to crowded places and putting your family at risk.

Finally, even if he is given out or caught wrongly, he can use the DRS ( decision review system) to overturn the appeal. And what better DRS than prayers and faith for the supreme almighty umpire to ensure we remain NOT OUT through this crisis