Anatomy 😭 How to read for NEET?

Anatomy 😭
How to read for NEET?

Rapid revision or complete subject notes? Source!?

see being a non anatomy person but as a medical student (long back though) I would say that we should read anatomy in coherence with surgery; this makes life easy; like thyroid surgery ke pehle thyroid anatomy dekh lo; bus all set ho jaata hai…

Studying anatomy for Entrances depends on a very important variable - How strong was your anat in first year.

If you THINK you are well oriented (does not mean you’ll remember muscles and origins, for eg, you can, by logic, say median nerve supplies which group), then I’d advise you to go through the Rapid Revision videos as fast as possible, mark the note, and re read the note once the revision video is over. This is enough for

  1. Supex

  2. Infex

  3. Thorax

  4. Abdomen and Pernineum

  5. Embryology

  6. Histology(pics)

One topic per day (max 1.5 hrs, histo 30 minutes) and until the next day keep passively quizzing yourself about what you read (eg, ask yourself remember what is the main action of gluteus medius)

Do not read osteology separately, just know what type of joint is where.

Read following topics in entirety-

  1. Neuroanat

  2. Head and Neck

Both with cadavers images (MUST NOW). These are arguably the most interesting part in anatomy and they are extremely high yield. Both of these should take you 4 more days.

This way you can simplify the process and I am sure you will be able to answer everything from Anatomy.