Anatomy Raviraj sir or Ashwini Kumar sir?

Anatomy Raviraj sir or Ashwini Kumar sir ?

Aswini sir is the best.
Or Dr.Rajesh kaushal from prepladder is also good!

He’s interactive…And makes us understand very well

Raviraj stanlean…simple,understandable and unforgettable lecture…TMCAA

Both are great teachers. The three four faculties who are famous in any subject are excellent, that’s why they reach the top. The result will finally depend on how good you are, not how good the faculty is

Your answer of this doubt is like…we have to join and attend all these 3 faculty for anatomy.?!!:cry:… salute you…

he is the leading faculty of Psychiatry in India. Kindly understand what he wants to say before saying such things.

So what should we do… actually we r getting a full package at marrow…again we have to buy those individual apps…??

I just noticed the time schedule of ashwin sir video is more than raviraj sir…what raviraj sir teaches us isn’t it enough…?

Guys. I m saying repeatedly. Don’t compare the teachers. Each and every teacher Havin their own individuality and style of teaching. Ashwini sir s Pioneer in teaching Pgmee field. I jus started in 2015. I have highest regards for sir. To be frank we were in constant touch. We were in different platform. That s it. But u will get benefitted for sure when u attend any of our classes.

Second - coming to contents what I gave in marrow. Same content I m using for this academic year in live classes too. Infact I gave more contents in marrow.
What I gave is most high yielding topics for exam. I don’t wanna add burden to yr preparation. If I give full Anatomy even 100 hours not enough. What u ve to do s u ve to finish all videos in 4-5 days. Then go through the notes. That will take another 4 days. And remaining 6 days u ve to go through the book ( which ever u like). Notes alone not sufficient. So altogether u ve to complete Anatomy in 15 days.