And the countdown begins! 15 Days to D Day!

And the countdown begins! 15 Days to D Day!

The last several months have been nerve-wracking, to say the least, and the anxiety seems to be hitting hard as the clock ticks forward. Regardless of what Match Day brings, I want to take a moment to remember what this journey was really about. In the last several years, I have met some of the most beautiful and kind-hearted people during my rotations and conferences, people who would go on to become my pillars of strength and friends for life.

The exceptional mentors I have found, who went out of their ways to open numerous doors to learn, grow and shine. They taught me the essence of being an exceptional doctor, qualities that I hope to imbibe in my practice every day.

I cannot count my blessings enough for having crossed paths with all these wonderful people. Whatever Match Day brings for me, I will cherish the experiences, memories and life-long relationships this journey has brought and will continue to bring.

Let us take a moment to reflect our journey thus far, celebrate all the people that made it possible, and celebrate our victory in reaching this far

Wishing everyone a successful match