And this calls for us all to do some much needed soul searching

And this calls for us all to do some much needed soul searching. Why did it come to this? Why is the exam stress so high, that students commit suicide if they fail to crack it? If any examiners are following this page, I hope even they will introspect on it. We all have been told “You dont deserve to be a doctor” at some point of MBBS. I was told that in my 1st MBBS Anat University viva. And yet, here I am, at the cusp of finishing M.Ch. However, not everyone is equal, and not everyone can take such big statements lightly. Some people think more than others, and the thought burrows their minds.

Similar thing happens during residency, when seniors insult the junior in front of patients. Not everyone can take it. And there are other, better ways to get work done in wards.

Failing in an exam is not the end of world, and certainly should not be the end of life. As seniors, colleagues and consultants, we should all think about how we can prevent another suicide in medicos…