Angzit (panic) and phobia Anxiety and Phobias

Panic is a common human feeling. We all experience it when we go through a difficult or handle time.

Preventing dangers, vigilance and facing problems can be commonly useful. However, if these feelings become intense or last too long, they can prevent us from doing what we want to do and do. As a result our lives can be painful.

Phobia is a fear of a specific situation or something that isn’t dangerous and isn’t usually disturbing to people.

Symptoms of panic

Feeling of anxiety all the time

The feeling of tiredness

Don’t get distracted

The feeling of grumpy

Sleep problems

Feeling the heart beat

Getting more sweaty

Muscle pulling and having pain

The fast walk of breath

Head of chakarana

Being afraid of being unconscious

Bad land


Panic victims think they have a severe physical illness due to these symptoms, panic increases these symptoms. Unexpected sudden seizures of panic are called panic. Often panic and panic. There is depression as well. When we are sad our hunger ends and the future looks dark and disappointing.

Phobia (Phobia)

A person with a phobia has severe signs of panic above. But it shows when they are in a particular situation that causes them severe panic. Other times they are not panic. If you have fear of dogs you will be perfect when dogs are not around you. If you fear elevation you will be fine on the ground. If you can’t face the crowd alone I you’ll be comfortable.

A person in phobia tries to avoid any situation that may panic him but in fact, the phobia becomes severe as time passes. This can also mean that the life of the affected person is under precautionary. Be dependent on the measures he has to take to avoid these situations. People affected by this disease know there is no real threat, they find their fears stupid but they can’t control them. The phobia that started as a result of a disturbing incident or accident has more chances of ending.

Are these normal?

One out of every ten person faces painful panic or phobia sometimes in life. However, most people don’t treat it.


Some of us have a kind of nature that they are worried about everything. Investigations show that this type of nature can be inherited through jeans, however, people who are naturally inherited. Don’t be worried at times. If they are continuously stressed, they also get panic.

Sometimes the cause of panic is very clear and when the problem is resolved, panic is also gone. But some events and circumstances are so painful and scary that the panic that causes them is long after the end of events. Continuing till. These are usually incidents that risk human lives e.g. car or train accidents and fires etc. People involved in these incidents can suffer from panic and anxiety for months or years Even if there is no physical injury. These symptoms are found in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Sometimes the use of addictive items such as amphetamines, LSD or ecstasy can be panic. Even the caffeine in coffee can be painful to some of us. There is enough to do.

But on the other hand it’s not clear why a certain person gets panic. It’s because it’s due to their personality, events and life changes like childbirth, etc.

Asking for help

If we have to be under too much pressure we will be worried and scared most of the time. We usually deal with these feelings because we know their cause and know when this situation will end. E.g. driving Most of us suffer from panic before the test but we control it because we know that panic will end as soon as the test is over.

But some people suffer from these feelings of panic and fear for too long, they don’t know why they’re having panic and when and how this panic will end. It’s hard to control and it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo The series usually needs someone’s help. Often people don’t want to get help because they think people will think they’re crazy. While the fact is that people with panic and fear rarely. Sometimes people suffer from severe mental illnesses. The sooner help is the better it is than the pain in silence.

People with panic and fear don’t even talk to anyone about these feelings to family or close friends. Despite that it’s obvious they’re not well. The person in the issue is suffering and stressed. There will be more shocking than usual sounds like a door bell or a car horn. They get grumpy and can cause discussion with nearby people especially when they have it. Don’t guess why the patient is not doing something specific. Even though friends and family understand the pain caused by panic, they find all these problems without reason.

Panic and phobia in kids

Often children are sometimes scared for a reason. It’s normal during development. For example, small children are familiar with their caregivers and if for some reason they separate from them, children are very upset and Terrified. Many children are afraid of darkness or fake existence (ghosts). These fears usually end after grown up and don’t affect children’s life or their development. Mostly children are in school Scared about important events like the first day but later this fear ends and they start enjoying it by getting addicted to this new situation.

The mood of teenagers often changes. The causes of their problems may vary like how they seem, what other people think about them, how they have relationships with people in general and especially with anti-gender relationships. Are. These problems can be overcame by talking about them. However, if these troubles increase too much, more people can assess that they are not performing well in school, their attitude has changed. Or they are not physically well.

If a child or teenager feels that anxiety, panic or fear is destroying his life, he should consult a family doctor.

Helping people victims of engagement and phobia

Talking about the issue

This can be helpful when there is an immediate problem e.g. separation from spouse, child sickness or job loss. Who to talk to? Talk to a friend or relatives you trust, whose opinion matters and who listens well. They may have been through the same issues or know someone who does. He’s been a victim of circumstances. With the opportunity to talk, we can also find out how other people faced such issues.

Learn to be calm

Learning a specific way to stay calm can be useful in overcoming panic and anxiety. It can be learned in the form of a group, with the help of experts, and also through books and video taps we can do the same method. Can learn. This action is beneficial when it is done regularly instead of only when a person is in a problem.

Psycho therapy

This is a more comprehensive way of conversation that can help us figure out the causes of panic that we haven’t yet recognized. This method can be acted in the form of an individual or group and usually it’s weekly. The basis is done for several weeks or months. Psycho therapist can be a doctor and not.


Medicines can also be used to treat some people with panic and phobia.

Common relaxing medicines include William-like medicines) mostly related to dreamy medicines, medicines. These medicines are very effective in eliminating panic, but be aware that only four are related. Regular use of weeks can make a person addicted to them and when people try to leave them, they face unpleasant symptoms that can last long. Use these medicines to treat prolonged panic. Not fair.

Anti-Depression Medicines

Anti-depression medicines can be used for panic and as well as depression (which is usually recommended). Some of these medicines have specific effects on a specific type of panic. These are One of the downside aspects is that they affect two to four weeks and can result in complaints such as nausea, dizzy, head shaking, liquor drying and constipation. For more information, our booklet on the topic of Anti-Depression. Have a read of.