ANM in case of home delivery

ANM in case of home delivery (page 961park 25th) while ASHA do 7 visit in same case of home delivery why this difference bcz baby is same?
and second thing if u r asked about how much visits should be there for home delivery of baby then what should be answer ?

these both are applicable in India, as there are usually multiple schemes and agencies working for an issue.

as per the IPHS norms, the subcentre incharge ANM/MPW(f) will ensure post natal visits on day 0,3,7,42…

later on, under NHM a new scheme was launched and scaled up subsequently. this was the HBNC by ASHA worker, which increased the visits to the baby and added incentive to the scheme.

so, you can consider that the IPHS norms are now taken over by the new HBNC scheme.