Another year passed clarity on counsellings

Another year passed …no clarity on counsellings…no clarity on neet pg 2022… can’t enjoy …at the same time can’t focus on revisions much…Parents getting depressed and frustrated due to postponements…

While everyone celebrate HNY 2022…I’ll be alone crying silenty 😪😪😪 Never felt so hopeless in my life
Is baar humne saal barbad nahi kia, saal ne humé barbaad kia

aiims waale aayenge aur NEETSS puure leke jayenge 2024 mein … No competetion from the regular batch

Try to engage in some activities that u like other than studying for sometime.

Never in ur life u get this free time, take it as an opportunity to get some new talents.

Being single is a blessing. Unless u enjoy being urself u can’t give happiness to ur future family.
Sadly in this group…u can’t find happiness much…Thanks to our supreme court

you want to be my friend… I am too happy right now… my jaw hurts an there is no reason for me being happy