Antibiotic from the macrolide group

Antibiotic from the macrolide group such as Erythromycin/Clithramycin patients with high blood pressure and those who use calcium ion blockages such as amlodiapine… And others used in the treatment of pressure, some heart diseases and such due to severe drug interventions that put the patient’s life at risk because these antibiotics are stabilizing the enzyme CYP3A4 responsible for the process of converting calcium ionic blockages and thus increasing the percentage of CCB in blood and so on Result from a sharp drop in arterial blood pressure
And the solution lies in avoiding giving these antibiotics to those patients and described the treatment of AZITHROMYCIN known as its weakness of medicinal interference in terms of enzymes CYP3A4 responsible for METABOLISI treatment of amlodyabin and the rest of the CCB
Wishing all the patients a speedy recovery
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