Antibiotic of choice for urine infection?

Antibiotic of choice for urine infection ?

Nitrofurantoin or norfloxacin

brown urine is the side effects and also acute pneumonitis

preferably norflox is given as its excreted mainly by kidney and concentrates in bladder




What kind of urine infection? What are the vitals.?what is the pt condition.? What is indication of antibiotic? Do you know these? Or asking here like a Zolachaap/quack.??

you could have mentioned the conditions and the indicated antibiotics. But just to appear intelligent, you have vomitted bogus. Typical toxic shameless senior attitude. You need treatment although i am not sure ,whether treatment will work or not.

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No wonder antibiotic resistance is rampant in India

Also if you were a modern medicine practioner, you’d have referred to so many sources out there for evidence rather than asking like a quack here.

Fool, we post in this group so that we don’t have to refer to multiple sources and waste time . That is the whole purpose. Asking questions is behaving like a quack? Dumb and retards like you are responsible for the degeneration in medical system across India. You have time to type shit and vomit bogus instead you could have written a long answer. Toxic buffons like you are the reason people abuse entire doctor fraternity.

Don’t feel bad. You can start reading even now. You’ll get there eventually

Tell this in front of your mirror everyday morning, just like you said now

Tab NIFTAS 100mg BD × 7 days

Syr ALKASOL 2 tsp in one cup water × BD × 7 days…

Tab URISPAS 1 tab×TDS×5 days

Nitrofurantoin works perfectly in Acidic condition . Giving disodium Hydrogen citrate will reduce its efficacy. Urimax is tamsolusin If I am correct?? Why are you giving tamsolusin ?? This prescription is all wrong… culture and sensitivity report is what is warranted…

Nitrofurantoin for Cystitis… Levofloxacin, Meropenem for Pyelonephritis… Fosfomycin for non-responsive resistant cases

I’ve seen Ofloxacin + Ornidazole working fine as empirical antibiotics for UTI in my practice. Although it’s always desirable to get a culture and sensitivity test done and prescribe accordingly.