Anxiety/Depression/Mental Illness

Anxiety/Depression/Mental Illness
The one who does not understand
Bro don’t go to psychiatrist, you will get medicine
Bro weed tan will be fine
Bro meditate
Bro go to the wild everything will be fine
Bro don’t think too much
Bro don’t take tension
A mental disease like physical disease can also be felt by anyone.
They have become a psychologist / psychologist because of diseases, they have become medicines.
It is like when a person who has a malaria is not able to get fever, say no to the person who has a anxiety, do not think negative to the person who has depression. No one is upset that I will be close, no one is disappointed that I will be disappointed. It is the game of all biologically-Psychological-social elements, it is the greed of chemical people in mind.
If the heart is ḍhukaḍhuka, the doctor of 5 hearts will not be able to meet the doctor of the heart, says that he will not be able to do the hajāraum̐, Echo, thyroid level from the hajāraum̐, and the mental tension might have been a heart stone, not to meet the “psychiatrist” rather than the doctor to meet the psychiatrist. We have a habit.
The heart may get the disease of heart, the one who has the heart can feel the disease of heart, not all the psychiatric is madness. If you don’t have to meet the psychologist to check out the common psychiatric today, there may be a strong disease that will be forced to commit suicide due to strong diseases tomorrow.
Understand the time.
— by Dr. Sudip Aryal