Any queries regarding choosing pulmonary medicine as a branch

Any queries regarding choosing pulmonary medicine as a branch … post your questions here.
Let me know who are interested genuinely in respiratory medicine .

Sir,Is it advisable to choose respiratory medicine if one is on immunosuppressive therapy ?

yes you can choose . It’s a myth , that you are at high risk to exposure of tb and other infectious ds

How useful to take pulmonary medicine at colleges where interventional procedures/scopes etc are not available ?

being an md pulmonary medicine without any exposure to atleast bronchoscopy ain’t productive.

Rest think wise .

Sorry to ask. MS ortho or MD Pulmo. Which will have better job opportunities n career aspects ?

both have their own job spectrum. U choose either , both are going to treat ur future good.

But i feel , Md pulmo early settlement and not saturated unlike ortho , you need to learn alot and to reach peak take time.

But on monetary basis MS Ortho is way more rewarding. So think carefully what you want to do and take decision accordingly.

Boss, is it alternative to medicine? Cos Don’t get medicine?

Which colleges to opt first if one getting pulmo branch in UP ,-safai, rajasthan -bikaner, nd bengal colleges

Bengal colleges are good in terms of practical exposure but the bond and stipend issue .

Rest if safai and bikaner ,than go for bikaner