Any suggestions on how to get high eosinophil count under control?

Any suggestions on how to get high eosinophil count under control? My son has over 4000 due to atopic dermatitis. Neither Zyrtec or Atarax seem to work.

Avoid all dairy products like animal cheese, animal milk, yogurt, animal eggs

Reduce the gluten intake, try to eat gluten free, dairy free.

Keep on avian meat if anything, and avoid red meats and seafoods; or start reducing the consumption of those, as to, how often he eats red meat weekly, make it once a week.

Reduce the candies, eat more fresh or frozen organic fruits instead.

And also visit an Allergist to check which foods he is reactive to, but for the test to work, he has to be 3 days without ANY antihistamine in his system as well without any steroid or corticosteroid in the system. 😬

Nature medicine can help.

Elimination diet helps but it is very hard without knowing what he is reactive to. That’s why I support getting that reaction test done. It helps to weed out the things that triggers him the most.

Also, a little wisdom…

Atopic Dermatitis simply means “Allergy to Something”, doctor doesnt really know to WHAT your son is allergic to. A Dermatologist simply will give you medicine to patch the system so it stops reacting to this “something” by making the body’s function to stay dormant, but is not fixing it.

Once the person keeps consuming the ‘thing’ that is building up the toxins, it will surpass the medicine effect and symptoms will show again.