Anyone got alloted Bokaro General Hospital DNB GEN SURGERY

Anyone got alloted Bokaro General Hospital DNB GEN SURGERY… That seat is available in MOP UP SEAT MATRIX…But no one has been alloted…Why?? Where have the seats gone?

Was it an OBC seat?

yes it was under obc quota…have you seen anyone been alloted that seat?

OBC seats were not showing to General candidates while filling choice. This choice was not visible to me. Thus I perceived it to be OBC seat. Because as per conversion algorithm all category seats, if remains unclaimed, will have to convert to UR…. Except OBC.

here is another blunder by MCC.

OBC PwD seat will convert to OBC….Okk no issue so far….

But what if an OBC seat remains vacant? No provision for its conversion. And there will be no option for UR candidates now to add this choice even for stray as there is no fresh choice filling.

These dumbfuck MCC guys arr clueless.

yes….seat remain vacant as there was no claimant from OBC for this seat….

Moreover, Even in stray round it will go unclaimed for reasons as follows:

-no fresh registration for stray….thus no fresh OBC candidate to claim that seat

  • no fresh choice filling for stray round.

Bc hadd Ch**** log baithe h MCC me

What are they doing seriously! seats not alloted…ineligible candidates being alloted…what more is there don’t know

time to file contempt petition against them.