Anyone please answer these reasons questions


Please answer these reasoning ques

Antihistaminics not useful for treatment of bronchial asthma

Anticholinergic and not levodopa is doc in iatrogenic parkinsonism

Allopurinol is used in chronic gout but not in acute gout

Codeine is used for treatment of dry cough only

Haloperidol for acute schizophrenia

Aspirin to be stopped one week before planned surgery

Antiplatelet action of aspirin starts earlier than analgesic action

Lactulose in hepatic coma/encephalopathy

Adrenaline is DOC in anaphylactic shock

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In iatrogenic Parkinsonism the symptoms are due to excess ACh and the dopamine levels are normal

Bcoz Antipsychotic inhibit Dopa. So we can’t give levodopa. So Anticholinergcis

One of the pathway for hepatic coma is constipation. Lactulose will prevent constipation

Codeine acts through medulla. So not useful in productive cough