Apex model for entrance exams


The final rank in any entrance exam depends on converging all our efforts into a tempestuous power for a fruitful result. This ‘Apex model’ forms basis for preparation & execution for AIPGMEE or any exam & has three parts- BASE, BODY AND SURMOUNT.
Base: All our truthful efforts over a period of 1-3 years constitute the base which extends from 1st year to final year. Subjects like Anatomy via. Pathology, PSM, to Pediatrics & Radiology.
Body: It’s nothing but solidification of our memory by repetition/review of subjects. It also tells us about exposure to more and more exams to orient ourselves toward ‘trending’ topics. So that we will have ‘diksuchi’ while sailing in the medical ocean.
Surmount: To execute the brilliance over very narrow (but precious) three hours represents surmount.
How to form a ‘solid base’?
As the basic nature of human brain is forgetfulness, one has to find a way to counteract the same. How to do that?
Start loving your subjects
Form ‘concept based study’

Spend time in understanding logic behind each point
Make useful, not so-confusing mnemonics
Make important gripping notes on a topic
How to make ‘body’ strong?
It’s all about revising & revising the topics. You need patience, affection towards the subject and also a stable mind. Try to delete all unwanted memories; there it is 100000…GB free memory in your brain. Make use of it. Try to appear for as many exams as possible, be it State or Al l India. Remember always target Centralized exams.