Applied as OBC in neet pg exam but do not have an OBC NCL certificate

Applied as OBC in neet pg exam but do not have an OBC NCL certificate

You can participate in counseling. No issues. No cancelation etc. However there was no default consideration as GEN or an option for changing to GEN category before all india counseling (till now in All India counseling, dont expect this)

Rules in All India counseling for a candidate registered as OBC in Exam:

(Ignore if you have an obc ncl certificate)

  1. OBC Certificate is not required during counseling/choice filling. Required only at the time of admission at institute.

  2. During counseling - at the time of choice filling for Round 1 even if you know you cannot produce an OBC certificate, you cannot change category to GEN (even if you are beyond 50 percentile criteria for UR). This option has been requested, but till last year it was not provided and till now it has not been provided for this year. So you will attend Round 1 as OBC candidate.

  3. Seats are categorised as OBC or GEN. The same seat (let us say MAMC Paediatrics) may have an GEN seat and also an OBC seat. Seat matrix released in MCC website will have this distinction which you would have already seen.

  4. But choices (during choice filling after registration) are not categorised as GEN or OBC. So you will fill choice as MAMC Paediatrics if you are interested. This would mean if a MAMC Paediatrics GEN seat is not available you may be allotted a MAMC Paediatrics OBC seat.

  5. If you are allotted a GEN Seat no issues; you can join the seat at the institute without producing an OBC certificate. At the time of joining, the MCC joining portal at the institute has an option to modify category from OBC to GEN. The institute will make this change as per your request. You will attend Round 2 as GEN category holding to your Round 1 GEN category seat**. Same registration is used and no need to register fresh**

  6. If you are allotted an OBC seat in round 1, you cannot join the seat since you cannot produce the OBC ncl certificate. In this case, you have to go to the institute of Round 1 allotment and change your category in the MCC (counseling committee) joining portal from OBC to GEN category. You will forfeit the first round OBC seat but will attend round 2 as GEN category candidate without holding an AI seat. Same registration is used and no need to register fresh.

  7. If you are not allotted any seat in round 1, then you are stuck with OBC category in round 2 (cant change) and will continue with the same risk of losing seat if allotted an OBC seat. So take a decision accordingly.

A factor to be considered is that there is higher possibility of allotment of OBC seats this year unlike last year and you cannot ignore filling all OBC choices, you will lose out.

Commonly asked queries on this

  1. Same applies for any candidate who applied under any category candidate but does not have a category certificate now (EWS/SC/ST/PwD).

  2. No fresh registration is required even if you forfeit seat. No security deposit forfeiture.

  3. There is a clause mentioning in case If any Candidate at any stage of the counseling process is found to have furnished any incorrect/wrong information with regard to his/her eligibility condition, his/her candidature shall be cancelled for the further rounds of the counseling and the security deposit shall be forfeited. THIS IS NOT APPLICABLE FOR CONVERSIONS TO ANOTHER CATEGORY IF THE CANDIDATE CANNOT PRODUCE THE CATEGORY CERTIFICATE. Question 12 mention in the picture attached has the right reference.