Are deemed seat worth/financially viable for PG

Are deemed seat worth/financially viable for PG , a doc who roots from middle class family 😶 inputs please

If you do not have the kind of money with taking loans or selling stuff, you won’t be able to earn it back

I have also heard that… you wont be able to earn back… so whats the point ghar ka saara paisa lagane ka agar aap kama na pao toh…

See it’s simple even after buying the seat

If u have money to put up ur own setup and do marketing and even bribe everyone till the point you see revenue in your career and still have the same livelihood as before then only invest in pvt pg seat

Frankly the ROI (return on investment) in medical field has drastically reduced.

Average salary of a clinical specialist is 1.2 L.

( it ranges from 60k to 2.5 L. But lets take average)

1.2 L * 12 months= 18 L/yr

18 L * 3 yrs = 54L.

So any pg seat with total fee varying from 50-60L is worth as you can earn it back in the same amount of time you spend it ( 3 years).

Plus additional years of earning for life time.

So if you get a pg seat less than 60L defintley join

If not , its more of a liablity than investment.

Now if you really become exceptionally good clinical you might earn 2-3 cr per year which is the rate of radio derm seats. But thats a long shot and you never know if you will become one.