As i am only earning member of my family

I am first doctor from my family.

As i am only earning member of my family i have to pay ug loan around 20lakh( i just started jrship). And I got neet rank around 1000… i don’t have inclination towards any branch…

Should i go for radiology .( Asking because my financial condition is not good and someone told me that this branch is for millionaires .)

Radio will be best for you .In medicine you will work day in and day out and life will befrustrated u will feel that you are working all day long and getting only this much .In radio there will be less stress and early settlement .

It’s a myth that radio makes u millionaire. Don’t fall in this mythical trap. Take it only if you like x ray, USG MRI diagnosis and less clinical inclination. If you have slight clinical inclination …try for gen medicine.