As i said I dont know on whose side is Mr Datar arguing

As i said I dont know on whose side is Mr Datar arguing.

We dont want revision of income criteria of EWS from 8 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs, we want #reservationfreeneetpg .

Even if criteria is revised, 10% seats will go. If Divan sir can directly talk about no 27% OBC reservations at PG level, why cant Mr Datar?

OBC and EWS is anyways given in 50% state quota. Why do we want to plague even the AIQ with less meritorious and less skilled people?

Instead of talking about loss of 2500 seats in UR/meritorious category and how govt has compensated only some of these seats that too in non clinical/para clinical subjects in private institutes, our representative Mr Datar is constantly after the EWS CRITERIA REVISION for which a case is already there is front of the constitutional bench.

It feels as if we are paying Mr Datar but Mr Divan is representing all our concerns.

Hoping for a fair judgement soon

Literally… reservation kabhi nhi hathega… RIP PIL gang… and hats off dat u people have wasted whole one and half year bcz of this bull shitt 😡

because he wants ews and no obc

literally u can understand who is getting supressed…ground reality