As semen is foreign object for female immune system,why immune system can't produce antibodies against semen?

As semen is foreign object for female immune system,why immune system can’t produce antibodies against semen?

Maybe because it doesn’t come in contact with blood

It will not last inside dies in 3 days time if cannot find mate there’s something there to make them alive

I don’t think the body recognises semen as a foreign object. But semen is basic while vaginal secretion is acidic, when both mix they form neutral soln

Vanesa Mange in some female the main cause of infertility is female immune responce against semen where IS kill the sperms.

Interesting question, suggestions maybe the ovum is an immune for these semen.

Progesterone and inhibin A hormone works as immunosuppression that’s why

Semen is not considered as an antigen in both sex because it does not get into blood. The blood barrier plays the role and any bleach may lead to formation of antibodies in both sex, studies show that some women (25% of infertile women) have antibodies for semen. Semen also has immune suppresser components.

In some case of infertility, there is production of antibodies against the semen.
Destroying the spermatozoa

Not every foreign body is produced antibodies against it by the body…there a lot of foregn bodies which when introduced in the body no antibodies are produced against them.
Again it’s not all women who do not produce antibodies against semen…that’s why we have one of the cause of Pre ECLAMPSIA and ECLAMPSIA…is new partner…where we don’t mean new body…rather we mean new semen…to them the female’s body produce antibodies against those semen.

But at all…our bodies do produces antibodies to things which have systemic stimulation…semens are not systemic introduced!

There are somany conditions that make an antigen to be immunogenic including a high molecular weight, dose and route of entry

Because the semen is termed to be immunologically privileged.