As the 17month of my 1st year residency as a paediatrics pgt

As the 17month of my 1st year residency as a paediatrics pgt in one of the busiest institutes is running I can see I’m falling apart, I can see it from a distance but I can feel it in every single moment. The physical and emotional exertion has taken toll on my mere existence.

A year back I was still ecstatic to have joined in my dream batch, poured my soul into every day, struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle yet the enthusiasm kept me going; now I hardly have the urge to get up from my bed, skip meals almost as a routine just to sleep a few more minutes. I am expected to give 48-56hrs of undisputed service at a stretch with the highest quality achievable, run around from wards to wards, juggle with reports, ventilators and central lines, study, write papers, prepare seminars, take care of my mental and physical health and be on my toes every minute of every day.

The over glorification of this life needs to stop. A resident is as human as any of you. With the hearing for this year’s councelling getting postponed every week because diwali parties , bolly starkids and whatnots you are killing hundreds and thousands of brilliant minds all over India, the quality of service is degrading, hospitals are collapsing…and so are all of you!

I no longer recommend this line to the school going children. I did it before also. But this time from bottom of my heart.

Please don’t take it to heart so badly.

You are overworked.

A system needs lots of man-womanpower. You are a semitrained specialist, a medical officer x3, a nurse x2, a ward boylike, plus a researcher, all at the same time, without a reliever.

Just slow down. Take a break. Go home for few days. Call parents and go for a holiday.

The world didn’t prepare for covid19.

When time comes, you will realise the values of your fast forward training and work.

Leave what is not worthy of your time and achievement.

Karma will pay you handsomely.

So true. Sadly nobody cares (idk why).

It’s just too much too handle. 😕

Neither are we compensated for the extra work nor are we shown any kind of mercy.

Zindagi jhand ho gayi hai 😂

Ab toh strike pe jana chahiye inka bas chale toh 3rd year tak first year k jaisa kaam karwayenge aur baaki sab sirf diwali manayenge.