As you walk into new phase of life " post graudation"( although sounds

As you walk into new phase of life " post graudation"( although sounds heroic becz only medicos know the value of 1 year and working our ass off to get a dream seat of choice")

With resumption of AI counselling, it’s clear now that the next phase begins.Some points regarding present and future:)

  1. Donot choose surgical branch If your absolutely not interested becz if you feel you are incapable thats differnt ( you can always work hard and improve skills) but disinterest cannot be forced or changed.

2)You wil affect personal life 1st…then patient care and also trouble and irk seniors along with…screwing up the whole dept.

  1. People who don’t have a choice and wants to repeat.
    Think again and chart out a plan for upcoming exams.People who are gettin branch of choice but greedy that next year il do better and get an awesome seat…in bigger cities…it’s foolish!
    If seat of your choice is available…Then that’s it. Take it…next year your rank may worsen.

3)Students who are not with such great ranks but planning to take a huge loan and join some deemed university…my personal opinion is even if you do radiology( top most branch) you won’t be spilling notes like di caprio in wolf of wall street!
Even radio ppl work in 2 to 3 places to get good money.There is no free money in medicine without hard work.
So perosnally I would like to be loan and tension free wen i finish post graduation so that we can experiment with diff places at work and try to do somthn good.

Some doubts on pvt and deemed:

Pvt institutes are affiliated to local state university and thier exams are jus like any.
Deemed uni they have their own exams…papers are corrected in own college although externals do come from outside.
Expensive universities but some of them are really world class.

4)Surgical branches- in General all surgical branches in India have seen a downfall becz earlier generations dint teach newwrr ones( who are professors now) and they dont teach this generation.Baton passing in relay was not thier forte.Also lack of brave heart surgeons as public has become reckless and unforgiving.So they dont do risky surgeries and dont give so many cutting chances.Howevvr…some institutes do have good hands on .You should be prepared to work post MS for few years so that your combat ready( although every case is diff in real world)

5)Insecurities- How will i adjust in new place? Should i take seat in my home town even though it’s not of my choice!
all these things dont have an answer becz that’s life…you gotta find out yourself.
If you don’t take giant leap of faith you wil never know.
Getting out of comfort zone is all it takes.
You may make new frndz…some new lessons for life.Compromising the branch wil make you bitter for life.

  1. Finally, take life as it comes…Don’t start with post graduation with all the bitterness that some one else u know got seat of thier choice but u dint ( reasons being reservation etc)…Everyone has thier own journey…Jealousy will kill you inside…You can’t see the good things in that branch even if they are right there! Jus enjoy it and make and try something new You never know…you might be the next " park" or Kocher".
    But u may also turn out to be an ordinary yet great son, Friendly neighbourhood doctor ;great father/ mother and die peacefully and happy:)

What is more imp academics or cutting?? I am asking this because for obgy in grants people say good cutting and bad academics and i have been alloted kgmu which has great academics but less cutting.

Got Anesthesia at Kgmu sir.planning to take Manipal/Mangalore Surgery or Medicine sir… How’s Surgery in manipal…sir…Heard medixine is good… Whatever i ll get in 2nd i ll take…

I’m getting general surgery in a deemed uni. Fees not an issue but should I take a drop? And have hard that hands on Is okayish but academics is great. I just want a assurance that surgical skills can be learnt with hardwork…

About Pt no 4 ; I see many surgery professors advocate this “learn by yourself” and “surgery can’t be spoonfed” bs… How is this a thing ?
Also how important would the cutting be if someone is planning to superspecialize ? Like wouldn’t it be ultimately about neet ss exams ?

So sir it’s not advisable to take loan for high clinical branches like radio derma ? If we get good clinical in Dnb should we go with Dnb or we should spend money for private seats ?

Sir please guide. M already very late soon going to be 30. But this was my first pg attempt . .clinicals in govt which I l get I m sure I won’t be able to compromise with branch. So I wished to take loan for pvt from my state for d branch of my choice