Asthma ....Is it a comorbid condition for Covid19 infection?

Asthma …Is it a comorbid condition for Covid19 infection ?

Yes… recently a 45yr old male died due to it

Strong Risk factors for covid deaths:

Age > 60,

Male sex

Obesity (BMI > 35 high risk, BMI < 35 risk almost equivalent to non obese)

Asthma with recent oral steroid usage. (recent oral steroids worsens death risk. hence pls avoid oral steroids for any asthmatic)

Former smoking. (Current smoking protective than non smokers😜. So ppl who r smoking, don’t quit.)

Diabetes (hba1c > 7.5)

CKD, heart diseases, transplant recipients, malignancies, liver disease , stroke.

Minor risk factors

  1. Rheumatoid / lupus / psoriasis

Protective factors (surprise !!!)

Asthmatics with no recent oral steroid usage.
Hypertension (:fearful:)