At a high altitude of 3000 m, a person complains of breathlessness

At a high altitude of 3000 m, a person
complains of breathlessness. All of the
following can be used for the
management of this person except?
a) Intravenous digoxin
b) Oxygen supplementation
c) Immediate descent
d) Acetazolamide
Correct Answer - A
Ans: A. Intravenous digoxin
Management of AMS follows three axioms: a) further ascent should
be avoided until the symptoms have resolved, b)patients with no
response to medical treatment should descend to a lower altitude
and c) if and when HACO is suspected, patients should urgently
descend to a lower altitude.
Descent and supplementary oxygen are the treatments of choice
and for severe illness, the combination provides optimal therapy.
Remarkably, a descent of only 500 to 1000 m usually leads to
resolution of acute mountain sickness while high-altitude cerebral
edema(HACO) may require further descent. Simulated descent with
portable hyperbaric chambers, now commonly available in remote
locations, are also effective.
Medical therapy becomes crucial when the descent is not
immediately possible.
Ref: Treatment of Acute Mountain Sickness and High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema - PMC